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Being so under the pump with the launch of my new business I really needed a design team that would be able to anticipate my needs and elevate the very little interior design knowledge I have. After meeting with Alisa and Lysandra, I was confident they had a good grasp on the style and look we were going for, and that they would be able to make our office functional in all the different ways we needed it to be. They were a pleasure to work with and made my life so much easier throughout the process so that I could focus on the business getting up and running. The Saski team is so impressed with the end result and feel that Alisa and Lysandra perfectly captured our team culture in the design.

Tammy Hembrow

Upon meeting Alisa and Lysandra all of our design fears were put to rest. My wife and Ori immediately felt a connection with the girls which was really important to me. They proved to be nothing short of amazing interior designers and fantastic people that we hope to have a long lasting friendship with, and have many more future projects together. On our home!! Well, we feel like we live in an interior home magazine, and there’s not a night that I come home and don’t think to myself “how amazing is this place”. And we’re not alone as our home has become the talk of the complex and everyone wants a peek inside. The comments!!!! Well there pretty similar to what I’m not allowed to say in public! I couldn’t recommend this experience enough to anybody who’s considering redecorating or renovating. Our experience has been amazing, and they stuck to our budget, listened to our needs and wants, and delivered over and above our expectations. Again, we thank you.

Tony Ramunno

We were thrilled Alisa was available to take on our project as we loved her and Lysandra's style on the Block and had been following their online projects through their website. We found Alisa to be highly professional with a clear communication style and flexibility to our wants and needs (including prices of certain items). She presented options in a timely manner and stuck to the hours she quoted even though we suspect she put in a lot more hours. We were very happy with the result, and loved that everything was organised for us in terms of deliveries and trades. She was also quick to take care of a few problems we had with two furniture items, and had a satisfactory result in no time! We hope to have her back to design a new kitchen and bathroom soon!

Sara and David