Walk into a newly renovated home and it’s likely to speak volumes with its appeal, from wall to ceiling and from room to room.

One might feel proud of their renovating efforts until a poorly chosen floor is spotted, which if we have to be perfectly honest, is similar to dressing up for a gala event and turning up in rubber thongs! If you’ve invested time and money into your renovation, don’t let your floors disappoint. So that you don’t have to, we have curated our favourite list of timber floors that are trending big right now. Leave the guesswork behind and prepare to be floored with these choices!

Oak is undoubtedly one of the most loved timber floors, for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Whilst oak has been praised in its usual satin appearance, this year we are embracing The Hamptons, which has a distinct black grain, and tactile elegance that is in line with earthy and industrial-glam interiors. It’s ideal for high traffic areas, and perfect for families with children and pets as unlike other timber floors it can hide dust, and imperfections from natural wear and tear! We have chosen Kustom Timber's The Hamptons as the primary flooring throughout our Albert Park project, not only does it fit the design aesthetically, but it's also hard wearing and durable.

For a twist on regular flooring, the chevron look is all the rage. Chevron parquetry is a unique way to arrange your timber flooring and is installed using smaller pieces of wood, which are arranged to create a pattern. This distinctive look - which has been around for over a century, is classic Parisian style parquetry. Chevron planks meet in perfect points like a long string of arrows. Selecting this style of board will add character to your home and just like standard boards, comes in a range of colours and finishes, and is durable and easy to clean. It is perfect for high traffic areas and can add value to your home due to its aesthetic appeal and long lasting reputation. Kustom Timber's engineered Oak timber is the perfect fit for parquetry thanks to its durability and ability to take on a number of timber finishes. Because of the way it’s made, parquet is less susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations between seasons, and what we love the most is that it looks better with age. The patterns you can choose for your parquet arrangement are endless - from chevron to herringbone to Marie Antoinette, and can be as individual as your taste and your home. It is a costlier option, and not the go-to for a typical investment property flip, however parquetry will suit the renovation of a bespoke or heritage listed property, or a property you plan to own and enjoy long-term, and it’s worth every dollar!


We are in love with Kustom Timber's Nordic Blonde which is a part of their just released Immerse range. Naturally rustic to look at and to touch, Nordic Blonde is perfect for minimalist and monochromatic interiors where the floors can do the talking. Crafted from premium engineered oak, the range offers an innovative new product like nothing on the market. The timer is completely dipped, meaning it's coloured to the core. As a result, it's extra strong, durable and requires less maintenance. Win win!

There is a misconception that staircases must be carpeted, and whilst carpeting the stairs feels somewhat soft and safe, we’re here to challenge that thinking and here’s why. Carpeted staircases are a nightmare to vacuum. Whilst the vacuum cleaner sucks up the dust and dirt from majority of the surface of the step, the crevice at the base of the step is actually really hard to get to, and quite tedious to maintain clean. Over time this is where dust, pet hair, and other day-to-day indoor debris migrates, where you can’t get to it, but where you can definitely see it. Over the years, and unless you’ve chosen a premium carpet that has a staircase rating, staircases tend to look rather shabby as the pile compacts due to continuous foot traffic, and the carpet colour can fade or look worn. Timber stairs on the other hand offer a timeless aesthetic that only gets better with age and doesn’t require maintenance. What’s best is that accidents such as spills can be wiped up instantly without residual damage, so if you’re updating your floors, now is the time to consider your staircase!

When it comes to choosing your flooring, craftsmanship and service are extremely important in achieving a perfect result. For our development in Albert Park, it was important to reflect quality in every inch of the home, and particularly in the flooring, which needed to match and align with the elegance and grandeur of our heritage listed property. Our selection of Kustom Timber flooring really brought the property to life, as flooring truly is the essential foundation that unites all other design elements together. With a range of designer and classic finishes, Kustom Timber offer the perfect variety, the quality production that is fit for Australian weather conditions, and a service that made the process of choosing our floors really simple and enjoyable! WATCH EPISODE 6 HERE!